10/29/2018 – JAMES O'HARA

Excellent work. Very professional, courteous and thoughtful crew.

Description of work:

Interior Painting of 2 car garage, exterior paining of stairwell.

11/18/2017 – brad ripley

I highly recommend Caballero Painting. Willie Caballero was very responsive to a lot of questions I had, did a great job explaining their process and rationale for pricing, and the crew did quality work quickly and professionally. No BS, no scheduling issues, no subcontractors, no excuses, no surprises, Willie came up with a good plan and estimate and they nailed it. Crew was professional and worked hard, clean, and fast. Zero items on my punch list at the end of the job. Prep work was meticulous and thorough. Clean up was superb. No damage or screw ups. No slop. Not the cheapest nor the most expensive. This is a quality outfit and I will absolutely be calling them again for more.

Description of work:

Painted one level of my townhouse that required a lot of drywall prep and cutting in, floor to ceiling, plus a staircase and landings over 3 levels. Refinished handrail of staircase.


11/06/2017 – Roger Savage

The work could not have went better. The entire work team was outstanding. They did a great job during the entire process. They were also outstanding in covering other areas to ensure no paint got on anything. My name is Roger Savage and my wife is Karen. We live on 13412 Virginia Willow Dr., Fairfax, Va. 22033. Our home phone is 703 -834-8244. We are so very happy with the work that Mr. Caballero and his outstanding company did for us. Thank you very much as our home looks like it has new siding.

Description of work:

My wife and I have a 30 year old two story home in Fairfax, Va. that has aluminum siding. The siding is in good condition structurally but the color had naturally faded and needed to be power washed and painted. Caballero Painting did just an outstanding job of preparation and painting the entire. In addition they also stained our deck and painted the concrete foundation to match the siding. I cannot express enough our deep and sincere appreciation of a job that was superbly done. In addition they provided wise counsel on color selection.

01/08/2018 – Kurt Burgeson

Caballero Painting did a first class job. The final product is beautiful -- they took care of all the problem areas so that everything looks truly finished. The workers were professional, courteous, on time, kept everything clean, etc. The owner, Willie, was an excellent communicator throughout and delivered as promised. We will definitely use Caballero Painting again!

Description of work:

Interior painting -- but just as important to us -- fixing/preparing many problem areas (e.g., new molding, uneven/rough walls, holes in drywall) prior to painting.

02/08/2018 – Madeline D'Alessio

Trustworthy, professional. Willie cares about the work. Crew was on time and worked as scheduled. The same foreman and crew was there consistently. They worked hard to get that wallpaper off. Finished product was just as promised. I'd trust them and hire them again.

Description of work:

Removal of lots of different types of wallpaper in multiple rooms. Refinish walls after wallpaper removal. Prime and paint walls, ceilings, and trim in hallways, bathrooms, and living areas.

11/05/2017 – Joelle & Al Park

Superb! Willie was very professional, personable and his crew completed work with excellent quality all in one day, right on time. Very impressed and would use them again.

Description of work:

Painting front of house columns, risers and railings

07/08/2018 – Jennifer Bockman

The house looks beautiful. The crew was punctual, communicative, and responsive to any questions or concerns we had, and we were extremely happy with both the process and the final result. Willie made sure to keep us informed when there were any issues (more rotted wood than expected), and he went above and beyond by doing the extra work and honoring the budget set in the original contract, despite this problem. We also made a mistake on the paint color (we didn't like it once we saw them start the job), and he and his crew were very responsive and they helped us pick a new color quickly so that we could continue on with the project and not lose any time. We appreciate both their professionalism and their thoroughness and we are so happy they did such a wonderful job on our house!Type your paragraph here.

11/22/2017 – Deede Snowhite

All went very well.

Description of work:

Painting of exterior of All Wood home. Large home with many holes made by woodpeckers. Painters filed all holes, sanded, and painted. Also hung decoys around house house to distract woodpeckers.

12/26/2016 – Chris Spielmann

Willie and the crew from Caballero Painting painted my house this past Fall and the results are beautiful. The original part of my house was built in 1896 and wood that is 120 years old requires diligence, patience, and ingenuity to paint successfully. The Caballero crew was definitely up to the job. Where others would see problems Willie sees challenges, and he persists until every challenge is met and every problem has a solution. We've been in this house over 20 years and have had it painted 3 times. The other painters I didn't call back but the next time my house needs to be painted you can be sure that my first call will be to Caballero.

Description of work:

Caballero painting cleaned, prepped, and painted the exterior of my house.

02/13/2018 – Josh Krupnick

Everything came out great! Willie was always responsive throughout the process, offered his professional opinion, and gave us just what we were looking for. He worked around my schedule, kept up with our changes, and even came back over a weekend to make sure everything came out exactly as we wanted! I can't recommend his work enough.

Description of work:

We needed some interior rooms painted, some holes in walls fixed, and some rails put up on the walls for window treatments.

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